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Wearing an attitude of gratitude, an antidote for holiday blues.

I have tough days.  I am not always as resilient as I wish I was.  Sometimes I struggle, and there are some days I can really cop an attitude (yes, me).   It is much easier to dwell on the things that aren't going "right." I often only notice the gap between my ideal and what is real in my life.  It can be tempting to ruminate about it.  Very tempting.  "I wish..."

Developing attitude of gratitude is one antidote to the "poor me" syndrome.  It gets me back on track to choose to focus on what I am truly grateful for.  Even if it is just as simple as the fact that I can walk.  I am so thankful for running water, for warm clothes in winter, for a car that gets me where I need to go.  I am thankful for new friends that enrich my life, and for old friends that stick by me through it all (this is major because I seem to have foot in mouth disease).  

I am thankful for affordable organic food, and that our pantry is usually full of yummy healthy items.  I am glad that I have a job that I can modify my work hours around my family life.  Yes, I make less money but I get to "be there" for my kids.  I am grateful that my house will smell like onions tomorrow because I am going to attempt to make homemade gluten free crispy onion topping for the green bean casserole, and I am thankful for the working oven to cook it in.  I am so grateful God landed us in a neighborhood with a great tutor for my daughter.  I am so glad for so many things in my life including good food, housing, friends and family.  

Yes, I am grateful this holiday season.  Do I have problems?  Most certainly.  Am I facing challenges?  More thank I would like.  Do I wish some things were different? Yep.  

But I also have A LOT to be thankful for.  Thank you God for your provision and blessings!  

What are you grateful for this holiday?  Write it down in your journal or pray a prayer of gratitude.  I know you have problems, some of them are significant.  I also know you have things to be thankful for!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving! 


"Be thankful in all circumstances."  1 Thessalonians 5:18






by Gretchen Flores