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Book Endorsements

"Expanding on the metaphor of weeds in the garden used by Jesus in Mark 4, Gretchen weaves together personal stories and Scriptural references with her clinical insight to create a book that is a must read for anyone who desires to grow in their spiritual journey."

—Kimberly Baldwin, M.A., L.P.C. (Licensed Professional Counselor)


"The Journey Out by Gretchen Flores, working off of the Parable of the Sower to give wise counsel on some of the stuff that gets us like perfectionism, worry, victimhood and more."

Cindy Nicholson | Asst. Pastor 
National Church Planting Coordinator
Vineyard Christian Church of Evanston


"Are you in a spiritual rut? There may be a very good reason. The Journey Out will help you determine why you are stuck, and more importantly, how to get unstuck. It explores the Scripture for its answers, and you may be surprised to fi nd out what it has to say about your life. The Journey Out tills the Scripture to reveal the places we often get stuck, and more importantly, the way out."

—Matt Dobschuetz, Living Waters Ministry Coordinator
Vineyard Christian Church of Evanston 


"Gretchen is a woman of conviction and tender heart. Through her professional insight and personal stories, Gretchen reveals what the Lord has sown, weeded out, and harvested in her life. Read this book, and let it instruct, exhort, and encourage you."

—Nancy Lee, Avid Reader


"Attitude is everything! The Journey Out explores the origin of negative attitudes and directs you in overcoming your hindrances to healthy personal growth. Read it, do it, and enjoy a fresh view of life and growth in your relationships!"

Richard Powell, Associate Pastor | Colorado Community Church