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» The Journey Out   by Gretchen Flores

Overcoming Attitudes that Hinder Spiritual Growth

Soon available in an ebook format. Stay tuned.  If you have trouble ordering it online let me know so I can let you know when it is available.  

You can flourish with a life of fruitfulness, faith, and joy.

The Journey Out is about moving out of the “weeds” that choke our faith and into a life of fruitfulness. Based on the Parable of the Sower where the good seeds fall among the thorns, the book will challenge you to move beyond stagnancy and routine to growth in relationship with God.

By removing harmful attitudes and replacing them with fruits of the Spirit and character traits that foster real relationship and authenticity, you will find the freedom to flourish unhindered.

The author, inspired by her own relationship with God, shares her journey out of the weed patch and into deeper relationship with the Master Gardener. This book focuses on developing the character traits of patience, trust, compassion, and gratitude, among others, in the context of relationship with God. It also addresses the issues of anger, worry, perfectionism, haste, and other similar “weeds” that can prevent us from growing in our journey with God.

Once we experience newfound freedom, the result is a life of fruitfulness and a harvest unimpeded by attitudes that hold us back.



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"The Journey Out by Gretchen Flores, working off of the Parable of the Sower to give wise counsel on some of the stuff that gets us like perfectionism, worry, victimhood and more." Read More>>




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In her book "The Journey Out: Overcoming Attitudes that Hinder Spiritual Growth" Gretchen Flores draws on her own struggle with perfectionism to point readers to how they can identify and eliminate the weeds that keep them from having more fruitful lives and flourishing relationships.  Read More>>>


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ICRS International Christian Retail Show | Book Signing
The Journey Out - Overcoming Attitudes That Hinder Our Spiritual Growth