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“During therapy sessions Gretchen is attentive and gives you her undivided attention.  She truly listens to what you have to say and therapy sessions are seamless.  Gretchen easily recalls what you talked about the previous session, so you do not waste time reconstructing a difficult situation.  Gretchen offers practical advice and strategies to try.  She also recommends excellent books that provide more guidance outside of therapy.” 
— D.S.

“Gretchen always makes sure I am taking care of myself beyond therapy.  She is concerned about self-care and reminds me every time.  I don’t get to see her often enough.  She helped me through my divorce, suggesting books, tactics, skills.  She has opened up my ability to take care of myself as well as my family.”
— M.N.

“Gretchen is kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable.  She has great empathy for her clients’ situations and her compassion towards others is evident it in each session.  She provides the calming influence needed to help her clients navigate the turmoil they may be experiencing in their lives.”
— L.G.

“One thing that I find most helpful is that she actually listens instead of rushing you to say something.”
— B.J.

“Gretchen always listens and doesn’t judge, I always felt that I could bring up any topic no matter how embarrassing it was, and she would listen and be supportive. Gretchen is kind, caring, Christian values, wonderful support, and caring therapy.” 
— J.G.

“Gretchen is very understanding and sympathetic.  She knows the right tools to hand to a person so that they can begin to heal.  Also, she doesn’t rush the process.  If it takes someone a little longer to actually begin the work, then she lets you move a little more slowly and use the time with her simply being in a safe place.”
— K.G.

“I wanted to just take a minute to say thank you for all your support, love and patience with my son. As I am sure you know, he is so special to me and I love him so much and only want the best for him. When he was going through his difficult time I feel so blessed we were given you in our lives to help him through it. He grew to truly love you and enjoy the time he got to spend with you. I do believe he is a stronger boy and has some good tools under his belt to help him with the challenges and ugliness that life may throw at him. You are a great lady and we hope only the best for you as well.  Again, thank you for all you did and thank you for staying open to the possibility of needing you in the future!”  
— By Parent

“Your class was my favorite class I have taken so far!”
— By Student