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Pulling Internal Weeds: Church Counselor Shares Insight into Spiritual Weed Pulling
Contact: Abigail Davidson, Publicity Assistant, WinePress Publishing Group, 360-802-9758,

ENUMCLAW, Wash., Nov. 12 /Christian Newswire/ — “You have heard time and again that identification of a pest problem is half the battle,” Karen L. Kerkhoff points out in her article “How To: Identify Weeds.” She reminds gardeners, “Correct identification will allow you to research the proper control for the problem. There are some weeds common to nearly all 50 states then there are those found only in small geographic areas.” She goes on to list the best weed-identification sources, including links to pictures and descriptions.

Keeping up with weeds takes the fun out of the planting and yard-maintenance process. They suck away moisture and nutrients that our lawns, flowers, and veggie gardens need to grow and thrive. As we mulch, water, and fertilize the plants that we want, weeds need absolutely no help. Left unchecked, they will literally take over. Some grow on the surface and are easily removed while others have root systems so deep that they require more muscle than most of us possess. If we want to rid our yard of these pesky buggers quickly, we can buy weed killer, but then we risk zapping our prized tomatoes and roses in the process.

The internal weeds that we battle can be just as tough, ugly, damaging and stubborn. Anger, worry, entitlement, haste, perfectionism and other unhealthy attitudes hurt relationships and our ability to grow and thrive like gardens weeds destroy healthy plants. In her book “The Journey Out: Overcoming Attitudes that Hinder Spiritual Growth” Gretchen Flores draws on her own struggle with perfectionism to point readers to how they can identify and eliminate the weeds that keep them from having more fruitful lives and flourishing relationships with God. “Fruitfulness is more about character traits then it is about starting a big ministry or pastoring a church,” Flores says. “I hope that readers can take away from this book clarity about some areas that may be holding them back so that they can move forward in their faith journey and into greater levels of spiritual fruitfulness and freedom from attitudes that can hinder their growth.”

Gretchen Flores has her masters in Counseling and currently works as a counselor in her church’s office. She weaves her own issues of faith and attitude into her book “The Journey Out.”

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