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Take a Break!

To do lists, errands, deadlines, and goals are all good things.  But they can create anxiety and anxiety creates stress and stress wears on your body.  Our society has record levels of a variety of severe health problems.  We all know about the impending problems but tend to ignore the signs because our to do list is just too important.  More important than your health.  God knew this would be a problem and mandated a day of rest or “sabbath” every week.  How many of us actually follow this important command?  I know I don’t as often as I need to. 

Now that I am on a vacation (that I rarely take) I feel my body start to relax.  The first day here we just slept and relaxed.  Interestingly I thought I wouldn’t sleep at night because I had rested so much during the day, but to the contrary I slept like a baby.  Most likely my body was making up for the lack of rest over weeks and weeks of failing to take a sabbath.  Of course I realize that doing housework instead of going into the office is still work, but somehow it still needs to be done.  It's the repetative task that seem to get us. But what about self-care? What would happen if instead of getting it all done you stopped to rest a little?

I preach self-care to my clients.  I practice self-care myself but admit I haven’t been as vigilant about it recently.  Self-care is so important.  It communicates self respect and it helps you last for the long haul.  Make sure you implement self-care in your weekly life.  What self-care methods have you neglected?  What do you need to be ruthless about protecting in your self-care regimen?  Don’t forget to; take baths, go for walks, eat healthy, take naps, get a massage, or talk to a friend on the phone.  Your body and your soul need it. 

Happy resting. 

I welcome your comments. 

Blessings, Gretchen 

by Gretchen Flores