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I Resolve NOT to Resolve

To resolve or not to resolve...that is the question.  

There are a bazillion different things we all could resolve to do or not do in 2011. There is the classic resolve to lose weight and exercise more.  However, as I contemplate my potential resolutions I recognize that unfortunately, that one is always on my list anyway.  I infrequently make much of a dent in it.  I exercise in spurts and eat better in stages.  I could also resolve to be more disciplined, but that again is always something I’m more worried about then actually implementing.  It's a kind of constant struggle.

How about resolving to get more organized?  Again, that one is a challenge that always stays on my plate.  I used to be able to multi-task like a champion weight lifter adds weights to his bar and stands victoriously while others watch in awe.  Now, I struggle to stay focused on one task at a time before I have forgotten what I set out to do, and then am off onto another random task (maybe I should review the symptoms of adult ADD because I seem to have all of them).

How about resolving to learn more, or read more, or focus on more honorable goals.  Maybe I should set out to be better at something specific.  Are you trying to be better at something?  Are you trying to be more disciplined?  Do you hope to lose those 20 pounds?  (I think I have lost the same set of pounds over and over). 

Resolve to do less:

Here's the twist.  Having been an over achiever before...and, as a result, I desire to resolve to do less.  To be less productive in some areas so I can be more focused on others.  I assume you too work hard and you feel pretty overwhelmed with life much of the time.  I assume that means that adding a lot of items to your to do list in 2011 makes you feel pretty overwhelmed.  Usually a wave of optimism is followed by recognition that it is just a lot to ask of yourself and the initial enthusiasm wanes quickly.

I challenge you to consider what you might give up this year.  What might you try to do less of?  What can you eliminate from your harried schedule?  Is there anything you can do to help keep you more focused on what is truly important? 

I want to focus in on some things that bring me joy like reading.  I love to read!  Love, love, love to read.  Kids, and work, and housework make it tough for me to find time for my favorite pastime.  I may consider being a less effective housekeeper so I can enjoy a book or two.  Maybe I will go to bed a little earlier so I can read before I fall asleep.  Maybe that means something extra won’t get done...I resolve to do less. 

As you consider your new years resolutions, think not just about what is important TO DO, but what is important NOT TO DO.  Let the word of the year be focus and when extra things pull you away from your focus, say no to it.  Maybe it should be called a “focus list” instead.  I resolve not to get caught up in a big list of resolutions but to focus on simplifying, so what I do spend time on gets my quality attention. 

What is on your focus list? 

Best wishes to you as you contemplate the new year and what to focus on what you do spend time on is meaningful and productive.


Feel free to comment on this post.  I read all comments.  Happy New Year! 



by Gretchen Flores