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Purging Judgmental Attitudes

“You then, why do you judge your brother? Why do you look down on your brother?”
Romans 14: 10a

As I cleaned out the refrigerator the other day, I realized I hadn’t done it in a while. I pulled out several Tupperware tubs full of stuff. The recent tubs weren’t so bad. It was effortless to toss the leftover food down the disposal. I held my breath as I opened some of the other tubs to protect my nose from the smell. I quickly dumped them out. Hairy mold developments existed in the corners. I thought, “Certainly it hasn’t been that long since I cleaned out the fridge.” Clearly it had, because there was a lot of gunk in there from old veggies to leftover stew.


When we judge others who are loved by God it is as smelly as old stew in the fridge. God asks us to love one another and to not judge. Yet, so many of us still are full of judgmental attitudes. Many of us “tend to judge from a self centered perspective rather than from God’s perspective. If we don’t like high heels, we may judge someone who does, if we don’t wear saggy pants, then we may think negatively about someone who does. If we do wear saggy pants we may judge someone who doesn’t dress this way and think they are old fashioned and obsolete. If we read the Bible everyday, we may judge someone who doesn’t. There are as many examples as there are people. The point is that we mustn’t judge from our own eyes, tastes, or preferences. Those are not essential. What matters to God is the heart, and we are not to judge that either” (P. 85 The Journey Out).

What God asks us to do is to love one an-other. “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4: 8). We must love people regardless of ethnicity, background, socio-economic status, or skin color. When we love others we are passing along God’s grace.If we are quick to judge others, we undermine the central component of God's grace and His compassion toward those to whom He longs to reveal His love” (P. 77 The Journey Out).

I have been disgusted by some of the judgmental attitudes I have observed recently on news, radio, and on bumper stickers. Why are some so free to share negative thoughts? How can we do a better job of showing God’s love? Even something as simple as good eye contact and a smile can go a long way.

Have you cleaned out your judgmental attitudes lately? They are as smelly and retched as rotting food in the fridge. Are you aware that they exist in your soul? Maybe they are hidden behind the yogurt you just bought. Maybe you haven’t checked lately. Have you become accustomed to their presence? Are you used to the smell? They may still be in there. Ask God to show you what they are. Repent, and say you are sorry for holding negative attitudes toward people that God loves. You may find that you feel more freedom in your own spirit.

by Gretchen Flores