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Announcement on My New Endeavor

You may have noticed the face of my company has changed.  Over the years, one of the main questions I am asked is, “What do you specialize in?”  I have been blessed with a wide range of experiences in the field of counseling.  I have worked with, adults, adolescents, kids, couples, elderly, and disabled populations.   I have also worked in hospital, agency, addictions and in private practice settings taking on just about any problem that comes my way.     

I have loved the challenge of working with diversity and with a wide range of people.   It definitely keeps my work interesting.  I have often considered specializing in women’s issues, but haven’t taken the initiative, until now.  

I am thrilled to specialize in women’s issues.  I have always had a special place in my heart for women.  Women are particularly resilient and have a wonderful balance between nurturing and toughness.  Women manage multiple aspects of life with grace and style, rising above many challenges and somehow they still manage to think of others’ needs.  

I have my husband to thank for my new website and the effort put in to move my domain to a new location.  I am blessed to have the computer support right at home!  (If you ever want to hire him to contract for a website he is available.)

I continue to look forward to writing about topics that are helpful to you.  If you are a man that follows my blog please feel free to stay.  I plan to write about things that apply to both men and women.   Possibly this blog will help you with understanding some of the complexities of the women in your life.  I look forward to writing about relevant topics that I hope you find helpful.  

I am happy about my new endeavor and look forward to serving my new niche; the beautiful and compelling women in this world.  

Blessings to you!

by Gretchen Flores