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Stop! Don't Peel!

Guess where most of the nutrients of a carrot exist?    

The skin or outer layer!  

The power of a crunchy carrot with the skin on, is deliciousness with no guilt!  A satisfying carrot crunch means powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, most of which exist along the outer portion of the carrot where most of us peel it off (collective gasp!).  

Ever wonder why some diet programs say to avoid carrots?  I think it is because most carrots have had many nutrients peeled off by the manufacturer, or you.  Without the peel they are a sweeter variation of veggie.  Those baby carrots are even known to be washed in a bleach solution to keep them fresh...ewe!!!  So not only have they lost their nutritional value (by peeling), they also have chemicals on them.  

This begs the question; why would you want to peel away the most nutrient dense part of the carrot? To be honest, I never craved a carrot until I stopped peeling them.  It has a earthy, bitter taste with a little bit of sweet in there, and, It has life benefits that you might want to keep on it.  

If Carrots can reduce your risk of stroke if you eat one everyday, and can also lower cancer risk why would you want to avoid it?  It is packed with minerals and vitamins that your body needs to stay vibrant.  

Here are some of the nutrients you might lose if you peel the outer layer off:

Vitamins A, K, B6, B3, B1, B12, C, and E (each has it's own benefit)


Beta Carotene


Potassium, manganese


and more...

Apparently, the orange/yellow variation of foods help protect against Cardiovascular disease

Carotenoids are powerful antioxidants

Phytonutrients that can help inhibit cancer growth 

So go ahead chomp into that crunchy carrot and resist the urge to peel it.  We have even decided to grow some in our backyard this year.  It's fun to watch their little green tops come up out of the ground.   A healthy diet can also balance your mood and help you cope with stress! 

To your health! 


by Gretchen Flores