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When Someone Has Hurt You

We have all had someone hurt us.  Some of us have deep wounds going back years.  Others have had fairly secure childhoods but have been surprised by untrustworthy colleagues or friends.  Life can throw us curve balls. What do you do when you have just been thrown a curve ball?  Do you let it hit you hard on the forehead and knock you out for the remainder of the game?  It can be tempting to give into it and let it get the best of you. How do you get back on track when someone or something has derailed you from your tracks?  It is not always easy.  

I wish I could offer you "5 easy steps" to recovery!  Wouldn't that be wonderful if life's challenges could be fixed in easy steps?  I would love that.  It would make life easier and my job easier.  However, life is not that simple and solutions can be evasive.  What I can do is offer you some ideas.  

First, take a good hard look at the problem.  You cannot solve a problem you are in denial about.  Using the ostrich "stick your head in the sand" approach won't get you anywhere.  

Second, find good friends, family, or a good counselor to support you and help you through.  

Third, pursue a

by Gretchen Flores