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"She let herself go..." and Other Annoying Misperceptions.

"She let herself go..." and Other Annoying Misperceptions.

One of the most common issues my female clients face is guilt about taking care of themselves. When I get all up in her grill about self care, phrases such as, "I feel so selfish," "I can't because I feel guilty" start to surface.  

I get really annoyed when I hear the phrase, "She let herself go," because I know that is not the case.  The real issue is that she is putting you first and her family first, her house first, her friends first, meals first, laundry first, groceries first, the kids homework first.  Anyone who asks for help comes first and she comes last (of course this is all done with a smile on her face).  She cares so much about others that she cannot seem to get around to taking care of herself.  She's last on the list and there are only so many hours in the day.  

by Gretchen Flores